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  1. Log into Frevvo with an account that is able to view the submission data on a desired form


    In order to view and or edit submission data, the form owner must specify permissions in either the Who can view submissions or Who can editsubmissions section. If you are given access through Who can edit the form section, you will still not be able to view submissions.

  2. Select the application project where the form is contained, then select Submissions under the desired form
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Submissions Filter

This section allows you to filter your submission data by any field in your form that is designated as a Searchable Field, as well as submission metadata such as submission date and time. After every change to the filter, be sure to select Refresh on the Submissions Table if it does not automatically refresh.


After setting prior filters and conditions, you can then specify and enhance your filter by grouping and through the use of AND and OR. In this section, you can visually see the rule being built as you specify the base conditions. As each condition in Other Filter Items is created, it is added with the AND function.

To create a more advanced filter, you may edit this rule and modify to include parentheses for grouping and modify, add, or remove any AND or OR functions. You can specify how each of the previous filters and conditions relate to each other based on their identifier. Each condition in the Other Filter Items section is identified by the number in the No. column, the Date Range as "A," and the Submission State as "B."



If the Logic Expression does not seem to be updating the table as you type, see the Refreshing Submission Table section.

Matching Submissions


The Matching Submissions is where all of the form submission data is displayed based on the Logic Expression in the Submissions Filter. As a default, it will display with all submissions within the past month, specified by the date range in section A of the Submissions Filter

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