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titleTable of Contents

Table of Contents



Within Frevvo, "ApplicationsProjects" are a way to group forms with a similar purpose together. You can have as many applications projects as desired to organize your forms. Follow the steps below to create a new applicationproject


Before an application project can be created, you must have an account in Frevvo with the Designer role!

How To


  1. Log into Frevvo
  2. Select My Applications from Projects from the menu on the left
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  3. Select (plus)New to to the right of "Your ApplicationsProjects"
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  4. A new application will then be immediately created and visible
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  5. Select Properties in the menu below the application to the right of the project name to edit the name and description of the newly created applicationProject
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  6. Edit the Name and Description fields to whatever is desired
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  7. Select Update on the bottom to save your adjustments
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