Visual and Performing Arts
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  1. Visit Sassafras KeyServer in any web browser at .
  2. Choose from the list of labs (Library, Public, Whitman or VPA) across the top navigation bar. Here we've chosen VPA Labs.
  3. This dashboard contains widgets showing available and total computers in the various VPA Computer Labs and computers available for remote access. Click a widget for the lab you're interested in visiting in person or using remotely for more information.  Here we've chosen Drama 936.
  4. In the list that appears, you see computers Available or In Use, their installed operating system, and if the computer is Available a Connect option if the computer is supported for remote use. If you plan to visit the lab in person, ensure the lab has enough Available capacity before visiting. If you want to use a computer in the lab remotely, first ensure you are connected to the campus network over VPN if you are working off-campus, and have a Microsoft Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) client installed on your computer or mobile device, and click the Connect icon next to an Available computer or on the top navigation bar to choose any available computer.
  5. A new window will appear, with a Download link to download an RDP connection file (named connect.rdp) you can use in your Microsoft Remote Desktop client software to connect to the remote lab computer. 
  6. If you're off campus, ensure you have a VPN connection first connected to the campus network. Then, find SU RDS system. Once connected to RDS, then use the instructions above to "double-hop" to your lab computer. Find the connect.rdp file in your browser's Downloads folder and double-click it to open it with your Microsoft Remote Desktop client software. Authenticate with your NetID and Password, and you'll be connected to the remote lab computer.