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Blue Cloud Icon

Blue Cloud IconIndicates that the file is only available online. Online-only files don’t take up space on your computer.
Online-only files cannot be opened when the device isn’t connected to the Internet.

Blue Cloud with People Icon

Blue Cloud with People IconIndicates the file or folder has been shared with other people.

Green Tick Icon

Green Tick IconWhen an online-only file is opened , it downloads to the device and becomes a locally available file.
A locally available file can be opened anytime, even without Internet access. 
If more space is needed, the file can change back to online only. Just right-click the file and select “Free up space.”

Green Circle with Check Icon

Green Circle with Check IconThese "always available files" download to your device and take up space, but they’re always there even when offline.

Make "SettingsPackages" folder available locally (recommended for Windows users)

  1. Open your OneDrive folder in Windows Explorer.
  2. Under the "View" menu check the "Hidden items" box in order to reveal the "SettingsPackages" folder.
  3. Right-click on "SettingsPackages" and then select "Always keep on this device".