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Current Masking Level:



(warning) Important Public Health Information


Q: Has the university changed its current masking alert? (Apr. 19 June 1, 2022)

A: Yes. The current masking level is "BlueYellow" as noted in this message from Vice Chancellor Haynie. Please continue to monitor your messages and these pages for updates. 

Q: What does this action mean for you? (Apr 19.June 1, 2022)

A: Masking level Blue indicates Yellow indicates an elevated level of transmission risk on campus and stipulates the following guidelines on campus:

  • For Unvaccinated Community Members: Masks are REQUIRED for all unvaccinated students, faculty


  • , staff


  • and visitors on campus indoors at all times


  • ,


  • and outdoors when in the presence of others.
  • For Vaccinated Community Members: Masks are RECOMMENDED for vaccinated students, faculty, staff and visitors while indoors in the presence of others, and outdoors in large group settings.
  • For


  • ALL Community Members: Currently, per the New York State Department of Health, all individuals are REQUIRED to wear masks on public transit (including Syracuse University shuttles) and when visiting any health care facility (including Barnes Center Health Care).

Q: What does the "BlueYellow" level mean for activities within Dineen Hall? (Apr.19June 1, 2022)

  1. Masks Required: At all times if you are vaccine-exempt . For vaccinated and boosted, during academic instruction (classrooms, the library, offices)on campus indoors at all times, and outdoors when in the presence of others.
  2. Masks Strongly Recommended:  Essentially, it is recommended that we wear our masks at all times, indoors and outdoors in the presence of others.