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  1. Select the item you want to reserve. You can select more than one item in the list.
  2. Click the Add items button at the bottom right corner of the window.
  3. After selecting all the items you need, click the Reserve button at the top right of the page. You will receive an email confirmation of your reservation.

Editing a Reservation

Once you reserve items, the Reserve button changes to an Edit button so you can make changes. Click Reserve after making any changes.


  1. After entering a reservation, you can set it to recur or repeat.
  2. Click Reservations and then open the reservation that should recur.
  3. In the top right corner, click the Actions button and choose Repeat reservation.
  4. In the dialogue box that opens choose how often the reservation should repeat and what date it should end.
  5. Click Repeat.

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Important! The “Until” date must be set to a date after the last occurrence you wish to create.


  1. Open one of the repeating reservations, click the Actions button, and choose Reserve again.
  2. Enter the date and times for the first new reservation and click Reserve.
  3. Follow steps 1-5 above to set it to recur each

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Canceling a Reservation

  1. Log in to Cheqroom
  2. Click Reservations.
  3. Place your mouse pointer over the reservation you wish to cancel and click Actions.
  4. Choose Cancel reservation.

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           5. When prompted, confirm the cancellation. You should receive an email confirmation of the cancellation

NOTE: To cancel multiple reservations at once, select the checkbox beside each reservation, click the Bulk Actions button and choose Cancel reservation.Image Removed

Log in to CHEQROOM at any time to see the status of your reservations or check-outs. For assistance with the application, visit Student Technology Center in Whitman 210C.