University Councils and Committees
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In some cases, you may want to modify who can have access to which pages. Answers allows us to have information open to anyone with a link to a page, to lock it down to only those with an active NetID and password (campus community members), or to limit it to a small subset of campus users. You can manage the permissions by going to the top of the page (while not in editing mode) and selecting the icon that resembles a lock. If the lock is gray and open, it means the page is open and viewable to the general public. If it is orange and closed, it means there are restrictions on the page you are currently on. If it is orange and open, it means there are restrictions to one one of the page levels above the one you are currently on (parent page, for example) that carry down to the page you are currently on. 

To provide an example of how permissions might be managed, you may want your committee page(s) to be available to the campus, but not anyone with a link. You may want your Agendas page to be available to the campus, but not the specific details captured in the minutes. In this case, you would go to the main/parent page of the committee, select the gray/open lock icon, and two separate pages (agendas and minutes), select the "No restrictions" box, and scroll down to select "Viewing and Editing Restricted." There, you can manage who has access to the page by typing a user/username into the search box and selecting if they should be able to only view or view and edit the page. To only lock a page down to campus community members (excluding the general public), type "confluence-users" into the search box, then select "Add." Don't forget to apply changes when you're done. Next, going to the child pages, you can leave permissions for the agendas page alone, but add restrictions to the minutes page by doing the same process as outlined above and add specific committee members via the search box. Again, don't forget to apply changes before exiting.