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  1. The Check Survey Accessibility Tool is not a reliable indicator of the overall accessibility of your survey. 
  2. Always review your survey against the Accessibility Checklist for Forms (.docx) and conduct your own tests. The best way to reveal accessibility issues is by completing the survey with only your keyboard and by completing the survey while using a screen reader. See the following pages for tips on testing with your keyboard and with three popular screen readers:
    1. Keyboard Navigation for Web Accessibility Testing.docx 
    2. JAWS Basics for Web Accessibility Testers

    3. NVDA Basics for Web Accessibility Testers

    4. VoiceOver Basics for Web Accessibility Testers


  1. Currently the Syracuse Simple/Classic theme is the theme with the fewest accessibility issues. Flat and Modern themes should be avoided.
  2. Themes are currently undergoing revisions, so watch for updates.
  3. School/College themes have not been evaluated.