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The ITS Academic Applications and Platforms (AAP) team upgraded Orange Tracker (OT) from JIRA version 8.2 to version 8.20. This upgrade completed over the summer of 2021 to reduce the impact to the user population.

The upgrade has some new features, staying current with database standards, and correct a few issues we have documented. We believe these improvements will enhance the user experience. We will also provide training sessions, similar to what we did last summer, and review the changes in a side-by-side manner. The training will go over the changes listed here in a live demonstration and answer any questions people bring to the meeting.

List of changes that you will see

Assignee Field Delay

We were tracking a bug with the Assignee field and its pull-down feature. The system would display a spinning logo and timeout when selecting the pull-down to select an Assignee/Consultant. This has been corrected and there is no longer a delay or timeout to select the user.


Added a new option to your personal accessibility settings. Now, you can increase text spacing, just to split all these little characters for better readability.

There have been a number of accessibility improvements:

  • Users can increase text spacing, just to split all these little characters for better readability
  • Enhanced contrast and focus indicators
  • Improved toolbars
  • Additional assistance for multi-select lists
  • Simplified elements in drop-down menus
  • Improved the keyboard navigation and the support of assistive technologies around comments

As with all other settings, you can view and configure them in Profile > Accessibility. Learn more