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titleComing soon!
  • Navigating Appointments
    • Manage / Calendar / New Appointment / Check-in Kiosk / Waiting Room
    • Saved Filters (Manage + Calendar [ Staff View ])
  • In Person Appointments versus Virtual on Handshake
  • Building Appointment Blocks
  • Building Appointment Types
  • Assigning Appointment Types to your Appointment Blocks/Self
  • Facilitating Appointments
  • Leveraging Systems in your Appointments
    • Before, During, After
  • Leveraging Appointment descriptions to support your workflow/ Systems

titleDirect from Handshake

Academy: Virtual & In-person AppointmentsNew to Handshake | Maximizing Student Use of Handshake | Handshake Mobile App | Working with Alumni, Graduating & Transfer Students | Reporting & Analytics Training

Help Center: Appointments | Hosting via Video on Handshake | New to Handshake | How to View a Student's Profile | How to View as a Student | Student Activity Dashboard | Helping Students Get the Most from Handshake | Student Homepage FAQs

titleAppointment Types & Mediums

There are two main appointment types for students, Scheduled (~30 minutes) and Drop In (15 minutes). Each school or college may have its own implementation style of these appointments, but Drop In length is universal. Students are also required to make a scheduled appointment 24 hours in advance.

titleAppointment Preferences in Handshake


Please do not make changes to appointment preferences without first consulting with These are global settings, so; changes to this space will make changes for all campus users, not just your particular school/college.

Type (Scheduled) – 30 minutes

titleExample Appointment Types
  • Resume / Cover Letter

    Using VMock and/or Handshake Resources

  • Job / Internship / Co-op Exploration

    Using Handshake and/or Handshake Resources

  • Interview Prep/Mock Interview

    Using BigInterview

  • General Career Advice

    • Expand
      titleFor example...
      • Understanding major/minor with career aspirations;
      • Using Handshake, first/next steps (checklists);
      • “Am I too late?” – supporting/encouraging career exploration and
        application process;
      • Understanding GPA + opportunities;
      • Career Exploration Etiquette

  • Job Offer Questions
  • Digital Tools (Professional social media)
  • Other
  • Graduate School Questions

    In collaboration with the Graduate Career Center as needed

  • Soft Skills Practice

    • Expand
      titleFor example...
      • Introductions
      • Composing emails or communications
      • Etiquette (dinners, handshakes, eye contact, and more)

Type (Drop In) – 15 minutes

While you will find each S/C refer to Drop In workflows differently, in general, these are used for very quick and emergency needs. Often, these appointments may cover quick emails to employers, resume reviews, cover letter reviews, or support leveraging Handshake. That being said, these appointments are often used to encourage a student to make a follow-up Scheduled appointment to support their needs further and continue to build student-advisor relationships.


titleAvailable Mediums

Mediums allow for each Career Advisor to include the format an appointment will be conducted.

While all of the above formats are available to choose from, when possible and depending on your workflow, utilizing Virtual on Handshake in place of Teams or Zoom will allow you and the student to remain in the Handshake platform. This will support a streamlined and user-friendly experience for the student.

Mediums can be assigned to each Appointment Block you create in Handshake. It is up to you and your office which block may have a specific medium or appointment type assigned to it.

For further information on Appointment Blocks, see:

Default Search Filters

We’ll use the Jobs tab for this example. This is the same process for this section as well.

First, create your search:

  1. Click Jobs on the left-hand navigation bar.
  2. You will see toward the left of the screen a list of filters you can use to create the criteria for your search.  Filters include items such as Job Type, Salary Type, School Year, etc.  Select the criteria for your search.  You will see that the list of Jobs change as you narrow your search by adding additional criteria.

Next, follow these steps if you’d like to save your search results:

  1. Click Save These Filters.
    1. Remember, by saving your search you are saving the criteria for the search, not the data the search yielded.  The jobs meeting this criteria could possibly change from day to day.
  2. Enter a Name and Description of your search and click Save.

Save filters preview

Lastly, follow these steps if you’d like to make your search filters your default search filter:

  1. Click My Saved Filters.
  2. A My Saved Filters window will appear.  Click the three ellipses next to the saved search of your choice. Choose Set as Default.

  3. Warning
    DO NOT PRESS "APPLY FILTERS". Instead, refresh the page.

  4. Your search in now your default search. Each time you return to the page, you will only see these set preferences.
    1. Feel free to remove certain searches as you need or set new default searches as needed.

saved filters for job postings

titlePro Tip!

Did you provide support In Person or through Email to a student without scheduling an appointment?

Add it as a Drop In!

You can manually create appointments using Calendar in Handshake. Make sure to uncheck All under Staff Members and only have your name checked then save preferences at the bottom of the list so that only the schedules you're interested in seeing are shown the next time you return to Calendar.