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  • Best Practices
    • Employers Creating Jobs versus Career Practitioner Creating Jobs
  • Navigating Jobs
    • Saving Filters relevant to your School or College
  • Approved versus In Progress versus Declined Jobs
  • Attaching Jobs to Emails versus 'Email to Students'

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Best Practices

Job approvals in Handshake are not 'owned' by any single career practitioner. At this time, it is imperative there is a group effort to support the timeliness of job approvals into the Syracuse University instance of Handshake. As such, each School or College is expected to participate in a timely approach to approving Jobs relevant to their respective departments. This includes, communicating with employers as needed for job posting corrections, edits, and more. At no one time should there be a reliance on a single entity to approve jobs at the University level.

To expedite this process, each career practitioner should be equipped to save job filters relevant to their scope and make this their default job search filter. Please refer to Job Postings Page Overview and Create a Saved Search for more support on this.

Central Career Services will provide 'safety net' support for Job approvals to ensure timely approvals of relevant jobs. However, this workflow will change by December 2022 during the final phase of the Signal Boosting release from Handshake. See Employers for more information.


Employers are allowed global settings when accessing their account. If you encounter an issue where, for example, editing a job is disabled by the employer, best practice is to contact the employer directly to discuss further improvements on their job positing. More than likely, they may disable Career Service ability to edit Job information is to reduce Job edits that impact multiple University's at once.

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