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titleSignal Boosting Beta is LIVE 4.13.22

Thank you for expressing interest in beta testing our new signal boosting feature—your institution has been selected to participate and the beta has launched!

As a reminder, signal boosting allows your team to highlight lesser known employers with a special quality—like an alumni connection or commitment to diversity—that is uniquely compelling to your students. Anyone with permission to manage employers can boost employers. To help you decide who to boost, we’re also launching an employer summary side sheet, which lists key engagement details for each employer. Learn more here.

titleNext Steps

We’re eager to hear what you think of signal boosting—we encourage you to start testing the feature.

  • Feedback: You can submit product feedback via Support to share your thoughts on how we can make signal boosting even more powerful (and easy to use) in the future.
  • Beta survey: In a few weeks, we’ll send you a survey to collect more information about how you’ve been using signal boosting—keep an eye on your inbox and please make time to fill it out. We’re eager to learn about how your team systematizes signal boosting so that we can encourage your peers to adopt your best practices. 
  • Student experiments: Starting today, students can see signal boosted employers on the career center page. Throughout the beta period, we’ll test highlighting boosted employers in additional ways: via digest emails, new job search filters, the student homepage, and more!

titlePromoting Collections to Students

While we test the best ways to highlight your recommendations in the product, we recommend promoting your collections to students directly via email. First, add employers to a collection. Then, use the links below to point students directly to a collection.

Thank you again for helping us test this new feature! As always, please don’t hesitate to reach out to your relationship manager or our support team with any questions.

The Handshake Team

titleComing soon!
  • Navigating Employers
  • Approving Employers
  • Declining Employers
  • Employer Notes
  • Supporting your Employers
    • Handshake Support / Handshake Academy
  • Handshake Support / Handshake Academy
  • Best Practices:
    • Approving Employers
      • Link to Job / Employer Approvals as needed
    • Working with Employers
    • Employer Notes: Tagging Colleagues across campus

titleDirect from Handshake

Academy: Virtual Career Fair Training | Experiences Training

Help Center: Employer Relations for Career Services | Employer Help for Employers | Signal Boosting via Employer Collections

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Best Practices

Employer Approvals

There are two-levels of approvals for employers in Handshake.

Level one consists of a default setting found in Employer Approval Preferences that are universal and should not be changed.

titleHandshake Employer Approval Preferences

Level two consists of manual approvals by Central Career Services and utilize the following standards*:

  1. Trust Score <60%; or
  2. Decline rate surpasses approval rate; or
  3. Staff email domain does not match employer website domain; or
  4. Fraudulent Flags present.
title*Stay tuned!

Changes by Handshake are occurring over the 2022-2023 academic year regarding this process. Please see the following for more information:

That being said, each School or College (S/C) has built their own unique and valued relationships with employers relevant to within their purview. In this case, there may be instances where an upcoming event or similar may need to have an expedited process for approval. When needed, please feel free to utilize the above standards to support your Employer Approval. You can also contact Daniel Patrick McSweeney, Assistant Director of Employer Relations at Central Career Services for more guidance.

Auto-Approvals for Jobs

When Processing Job Posting Requests, as needed, consistent and trusted employers may be approved for "auto-approval" in Handshake. This may be done to support workflow of our various career practitioners. This especially holds true when some employers may post Jobs to Handshake on a consistent or at an extremely high-rate. At this time, Central Career Services will not turn on auto-approval for jobs. Please see Jobs for more information.

titleHave a concern?
If you need certain employers to not have jobs auto-approved, please create a note on the employer page detailing this request and tag ("+") relevant colleagues, including "+dpmcswee@syr.edu".

Employer Contacts


Contacts on Handshake is a centralized location for all career center related relationship management. It can best be described as a phone/address book.

Creating a contact in Handshake does not influence any other part of Handshake automatically. However, once a Contact is created manually by your or your team or automatically through system usage by an employer, these Contacts can be associated with other features in Handshake.

  • For example, Events allow for you to attach "Contacts" so that students can see who is hosting/attending/leading the event or Contacts without a Handshake account can be mass invited to create an account in order to attend a Virtual Career Fair.


titlePro Tip!

Want to notify a colleague about an employer or contact interaction using Notes?

Tag a colleague using "+" and then begin typing their name or email.

This will allow you to notify a colleague of, for example, an important conversation or visit to campus that might be relevant to others.

For more information see Handshake Help: Using Notes in Handshake.