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  • Navigating Contacts
  • Creating Contacts
  • Contact Notes
  • Associating Contacts to Employer
  • Contacts versus Users
    • Inviting Contacts to create a Handshake Account
  • Contacts for your School or College
    • Using Labels

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Academy: New to Handshake | Maximizing Student Use of Handshake | Handshake Mobile App

Help Center: Contacts | Labels

Employer Contacts


Contacts on Handshake is a centralized location for all career center related relationship management. It can best be described as a phone/address book.

Creating a contact in Handshake does not influence any other part of Handshake automatically. However, once a Contact is created manually by your or your team or automatically through system usage by an employer, these Contacts can be associated with other features in Handshake.

  • For example, Events allow for you to attach "Contacts" so that students can see who is hosting/attending/leading the event or Contacts without a Handshake account can be mass invited to create an account in order to attend a Virtual Career Fair.

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