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Instructions for creating a new or modifying an existing profile for inclusion within the Arts and Sciences website.

Step-by-step guide

Three files are asked for:

  1. If you have a CV, please be sure it is either in PDF or MS .docx format and that is has passed all accessibility checks.
  2. A portrait photo that clearly shows your face. It should be at 72 dpi and between 1 MB and 10MB in size.
  3. Download the Profile Form. It is a MS Word template (.dotx). Please save the document with your name as the title as a .docx.
  4. Zip the four files together into a single file (Windows instructions and Macintosh instructions available).
  5. Visit and choose 'new or existing profile request'  from the topic dropdown.  Submit your documents as a single zip file.
titlePlease take note when filling out the Word template

Required fields are indicated with a *.  If you're requesting a new profile, please fill in as many non-required fields as is appropriate.

Note that there are two narrative sections (overview and biographic overview):

  • The first (overview) should be filled out in the third person. E.g. referring to yourself by your full name at first mention, last name at first mention in other paragraphs and 3rd person pronouns (he, she, they) elsewhere.
  • The second (biographic overview) is specifically for faculty and should be filled out in the first person (using I).

New faculty should fill out both sections