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This handbook describes the tasks and deadlines that are necessary for you to earn your graduate degree. The information noted in this version of the H.D.F.S. Graduate Handbook applies to all students admitted fall 20202022. Students are held to the program requirements for the year in which they matriculate. All graduate students should refer to the handbook for answers to questions regarding graduate policies and procedures. Throughout this handbook, there will be areas that direct you to various webpages within the Syracuse University website. You should always refer to the Syracuse University Website for current information regarding all areas addressed in this handbook, as websites, webpages, and links may change. 


The degree may be completed through full-time or part-time study. Students who are interested in an accelerated degree, may complete the required coursework and project during a single academic year (including summers).  

All students must file a tentative program of study during their second semester of enrollment in the program. Students transferring courses from another institution must file a program of study prior to completing 12 credit hours at Syracuse University

Core Course Requirements (18 credits): 


In addition to their coursework, M.A. students must complete a “master’s project.” Students are expected to work in service or agency settings on projects approved by their faculty committees. Applied work can include assisting an agency to plan and/or implement a program for families/children at a human service agency or related program on the local, national, or international level. Projects have been conducted in agencies such as the Children’s Defense Fund, Head Start, and local childcare programs. After completing the necessary coursework, students must complete Program of Study FormThe completed form should be submitted to the department administrative assistant for processing. The final defense of the Master’s project cannot be held until the “Program of Study” has been filed with the Graduate School

Master’s Project Committee and Proposal: All projects must be approved by the student’s Master’s project committee. The committee is comprised of your advisor (who will serve as committee chair) and one other faculty member from the Department of Human Development and Family Science. Only H.D.F.S. tenured and tenure track faculty, and Professors of Practice may chair a Master’s project committee. H.D.F.S. Internship Coordinators may serve as a committee member, but they may not serve as committee chair.