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Changes to faculty titles MUST be reviewed and approved by that faculty member's home department. 

For example, if If a web maintainer from a Maxwell center wants to update a faculty member's title, that change must be discussed and approved by their home academic department. 

When changing a title, please include that you have confirmed this change with their home department in the note when sending changes for approval and who in the home department confirmed this. 

Title 1

Enter the faculty member's main role with their home unit such as "Professor" or "Assistant Professor".


Use these titles to create affiliations with other units as-needed.


Rank/order of titles for Maxwell faculty and faculty from other schools/colleges who are associated with a Maxwell department

    • Home department title (including chair, professor of, chair, director of, or in the case of faculty from another school/college, their Maxwell courtesy appointment)

    • Dean’s Office title (e.g., “associate dean” or named professorship)

    • Research Unit Director or other leadership position

    • Senior Research Associate

    • Research Affiliate

    • Courtesy appointments that Maxwell faculty hold in other schools/colleges

Rank/order of titles for faculty from other schools/colleges who are ONLY associated with a Maxwell School research center:

    • Maxwell research title (ex: Senior Research Associate, ASPI)
    • Home school/college title

*For examples, please visit the ASPI faculty page.

Unit associations

Use this selector to connect person to their unit (department, center, etc.) .  This creates links on people pages back to their respective units.  To add/edit the unit association click on the pencil icon below the unit field.