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Reservable Meeting Spaces

056 Huntington Hall

Capacity and use: Primarily meeting space not intended for recurring classes during working hours. There are 11 movable tables with 22 rolling chairs, two large whiteboards, and the windows have blackout shades.
Technology:  **Caution - the tech in Room 056 is extremely outdated and does not operate as expected consistently.  We are working towards an entire room tech upgrade, and for the time being we recommend only in person meetings for this space.***  The room contains an (often unreliable) overhead projector connected to Windows computer in the teaching station, multiple adapters for laptop/device connections, and a touch panel unit to control projection options.
To schedule: Search for the SOE-e-056HH-ERCConf Outlook Calendar and send a meeting invite.  Include date and time requested as well as the purpose of the reservation and a contact person. Please include time in your reservation for room setup and cleanup. View 056 availability calendar.

070B Huntington Hall

Capacity and use: Primarily used as classroom space. This space is recommended to be used for classes that need to use the laptop cart, assistive technology, a smartboard, or group work. Tables and chairs seat 28, with an additional 6 chairs. The table and chairs are mobile and stowable with 2 height adjustable tables, and can be arranged in unlimited configurations for lecture, conference table, multi-group, or wide-open setups. The room also has two whiteboards and 14 portable smaller whiteboards that can be hung on the walls or sides of tables.
Technology: 2 large front LCD displays connected to a Windows computer, a pen enabled Wacom tablet for the teaching station monitor, multiple adapters for laptop/device connections at the teaching station, a document camera, a smartboard, AppleTV, 2 other LCD displays that each accept an HDMI laptop connection for group work, an assistive listening device, lavalier microphone, ceiling mic, overhead speakers, rear and forward facing cameras, and height adjustable teaching station with a Extron touch control panel to manage the technology. This room is equipped with ample power outlets and Ethernet ports surrounding the perimeter in order to handle the mobile laptop cart usage.
To schedule: 070B reservation form.
Please do not use Outlook to book 070B any longer as those requests will be ignored. View the current free/busy calendar for 070B
When requesting for a course, please make sure it is the instructor of that course or the department chair on their behalf that is completing the reservation form.  You need to complete a new form for each course for one semester only.  A different course or different semester requires a new form.