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Steps once approved:

  1. Submit a FA Program Request form - The Qualtrics FA Program Request form and FA Payroll Activation Hiring form are provided via email each semester by the SAD. Please be sure to save this email as reference for the links.
  2. There are three scenarios to hire a FA:
    1. Continue working with FA from previous semester (a payroll activation hiring form is not required since the student info is known)
    2. The name of the FA is known AND is a new FA for the faculty requestor. You must complete the payroll activation hiring form with student details (name, SUID, syr email)
    3. Need to find a student, a job posting is required in Handshake to find a new FA. Once a student is identified then you must complete a hiring form with student details (name, SUID, syr email)

Payroll next steps:

  1. Once the FA Payroll Activation Hiring form is completed it is submitted to both Mariann and Lisette.
  2. Information is tracked by Lisette and sent to Mariann for HR and payroll processing (Note: it can take Central HR 3-5 business days to process through the system)
  3. Once a student is entered into payroll, Mariann ( will send an email to the student with supervisor cc’d, containing the following information:
    1. You will receive a pay notice from the University’s Department of Human Resources – sign and return
    2. If you DO NOT have a current I-9 on file, you will receive an email, with a unique link, from LawLogix notifying you that you must complete the online form within 3 days of your start date, otherwise you will be placed on a short work break and suspended from working. This email will also include instructions on how to log your hours with TimeClockPlus (TCP)
    3. If you HAVE a current I-9 form on file, please return your pay notice, and follow the TimeClockPlus (TCP) student instructions to record your hours (student instructions below).
    4. Your supervisor can edit or enter any past punches (supervisor instructions below). DO NOT punch IN or OUT when you remember (i.e. 10 hours later), contact your supervisor to enter missed punches.


iSchool Faculty Assistant Handbook

FA Program Request form

FA Payroll Activation Hiring form

TimeClockPlus (TCP) Supervisor Instructions