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  1. Enter the discussion forum, and select the threads.
  2. Click Collect.

    collect threads buttonImage Modified

  3. Click Print Preview

    print collected threads buttonImage Modified

  4. A new window will open with the option to print. Select OK.


  1. Type about:config in the Location Bar and press Enter. A list of preferences will appear.
  2. Find the preference print.print_printer (Note: this preference is missing in Firefox profiles where you've never used the printer.)
  3. Right-click (context-click) that preference and select "Reset".
  4. Restart Firefox and see if the problem is resolved.


If you get the warning dialog, "Printing failed when starting the document" and if the print.print_printer preference has no printer shown, either you don't have a printer selected, or Firefox doesn't know it is installed on your system.