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  1. Enter the course and ensure Edit Mode is On (the Edit Mode switch is in the upper right corner of the page).

  2. Enter the content area where the item is to be placed by clicking on that area in the course menu.

  3. Hover over the Build Content menu and select Item.
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    Build Item menuImage Added

  4. Enter a Name for the item (required) and a Description (optional).
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    Create Item ScreenImage Added

  5. Under Attachment Attachments, use the Browse My Computer or Browse Course Files Local Files, Browse Content Collection, or Browse Cloud Services (includes Google Drive, Dropbox, and OneDrive) button to add a file attachment as desired.
    image of Attachments section of item properties windowImage RemovedAnother option is to drag the file from your desktop to the dotted square area labeled Attach Files.

    Attachments OptionsImage Added

  6. Under Options
    1. Select Yes or No for Permit Users to View Content Item. In order for students to access the item, Yes must be selected.
    2. Select Yes or No for Track Number of Views.
    3. Select Date and Time Restrictions as desired.

  7. Click Submit when finished.