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Table of Contents

Topic Overview

When courses are created in the Blackboard system, the semester (term) code is appended to the five-digit course ID (e.g., 12345.10511221). This allows us to keep track of the data that is being loaded into the system.

Where is the semester (term) code?

For example:

In On the "My Courses" module of the "Blackboard @ SU" tab and the "Course list" of the "Courses" tabCourses page, the course is listed with the Blackboard Course ID followed by a colon and then the Course Name on the next line.Additionally, if

If the course is unavailable, it will be in parentheses.say Private with the lock icon.

In Listed Form:

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In Icon Form:

Blackboard Course ID IconImage Added

List of semester (term) codes

Below is a listing of the semester (term) codes that have been used to date.

Future Semester

  • .1183 Summer 20181221 Fall 2021

Current Semester

  • .1182 1222 Spring 20182022