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This document outlines Customer Request Types and Issue Types for tickets in the Orange Tracker system. While Customer Request Types and Issue Types are project based, the Orange Tracker Administrators manage what issue types are available for projects. Customer Request Types are maintained by the project.

Customer Request Types

Customer Request Types (CRT) are new and helps categorize the types of requests for a project. Request Types work within the portal to help guide customers to getting the right help on a problem. These request types will ask certain questions and create a ticket with the project.


This is a critical field and a value needs to be entered in order for customer to receive notifications and be visible for the customer in the portal.

Project teams must ensure the Customer Request Type field has a value before they start communicating with the Customer. Orange Tracker administrators have developed an Automation rule that can be used: Orange Tracker Automation

CRT's are specifically linked to Issue Types. A single CRT needs to be assigned to an Issue Type, but multiple CRT's can be assigned to the same Issue Type.

Issue Types

Issue Types are different types of work. For the Orange Tracker system, this is a general field and most projects are limited to just the Service Request issue type.

If a project has multiple Issue Types, it is recommended to create a Customer Request Type for each Issue Type.


Sub-Tasks are a form of Issue Type, but a Customer Request Type cannot be used for Sub-Tasks. This means Customers will not receive email notifications and will not see the ticket in the portal. Sub-Tasks are designed to be used only for internal work.



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