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Managing your Printing account and quota

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Student Print Accounts

Students are provided a $20 credit at the beginning of each academic year in August (this is the only credit received that academic year$20 credit covers the next 12 months) for printing services in the ITS public computer labs. The University's online Print Quota Management System automatically deducts the cost of the printing service from the $20 credit until the $20 credit is exhausted.


  • Cost is 4 cents per piece of paper (2 cents per side), whether printed or unprinted.  Ex:  20 pages, two-sided printing (so 10 pieces of paper), costs 40 cents. 
  • Go Green! Double-sided documents essentially use half the paper and cost half as much as single-sided documents. 

    titlePrinting in the Library

    Duplex printing on printers managed by the library is 4 cents per printed side, or 8 cents per piece of paper for a two-sided print. The printer on the second floor of Bird Library that has a print queue name of "LE-PQ-Bird2" is an ITS-managed printer, so it charges 2 cents per printed side for duplex printing.


To use the school's printers you must install the SURA utility and connect to the schools network printers
How to use the SURA utility > Network Printers.

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