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The collaboratories on the second and third floor of Hinds Hall are rooms set aside for meetings, video conferencing, team project space, and DPS Residencies.  The collaboratories have recently been upgraded to integrate a webcam and microphone directly into the room, as well as replaced the projector with new TVs.  

Table of Contents

Collaboratory Layout

The image below has all of the primary collaboratory technology located on the wall below the TV individually labeled.


The Webcam/microphone USB outlet is how the rooms webcam and microphone are connected to a laptop.

The Extron Panel Layout

The Extron Panel, labeled below, is the panel which determines the video input and volume for the mounted TV, as well as the volume.


NOTE: The TV volume is controlled through the volume knob on the Extron panel.

Video Conferencing - Plug and Play

The main feature of the new collaboratories is the ability to simply plug in 2 cables and then utilize the rooms integrated webcam and microphone.  


NOTE: The Microphone is mounted to the ceiling and hangs roughly five feet above the main desk in each of the collaboratories.  

Adobe Connect Web Conferencing Notes

When web conferencing using adobe connect no other conferencing applications (ex. Skype, Cisco WebEx) can be running.  These program need to be ended completely or else the audio configuration will not work properly.

If you encounter an issue attempt closing the Adobe Connect browser page and re-opening the browser.  

Other Instructional Resources

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