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What is the Content Collection?

Blackboard's Content Collection is a file repository that contains all of the files used in Blackboard courses and also allows faculty and students to store, manage, and share
 content. The Content Collection functions as a virtual hard drive that can be accessed from any computer by logging into a user's Blackboard account. When a Any file resides in the Content Collection , it can be easily reused and linked to from any Blackboard course, and if . If a file that resides in the Content Collection needs updatingneeds to be updated, faculty need to can update it only once, eliminating the need to go into each course to upload an updated a new version of the file.


titleDecreasing course size

When you delete items or file links, any attached files remain in the Content Collection and continue to use your allowed course size quota. You must delete the unused file from the Content Collection in order to free space in your course quota.



Navigating the Content Collection


The Content Collection is accessed from the Control Panel in any course. There are five sections:

  Content Collection MenuImage Added

  • Course Content— this is labeled with the Course ID and stores all of the files for the course you are currently in
  • Personal Content—this is labeled with your SU userID and allows storage of personal or non-course -specific files. Shared files and folders will not display under the My Content area.Course
  • All Courses Content— used to store files for all your courses. Opening this area will display a folder for each course and allow you to see its content.
  • All Organizations Content— used to store folders and files for each courseall your courses. Opening the Course Content this area will display a folder for each course and allow you to see its content.

Institution Content— used to store files for educational and administrative units. This area can have files that the department or college has set up for


more than one faculty to have access to.




Note: In addition to accessing the Content Collection via the navigation tab, the Content Collection can also be accessed through the Control Panel in individual courses.

Anchor_GoBack_GoBackYou can search for a file or folder using either a Basic or Advanced search:

  • Basic
    • search for file/folder name
    • optionally scan contents of files
    • optionally define search directory
  • Advanced
    • All of the above and
    • Size - less/greater than a specified file size
    • Username - who created or edited the document
    • Date created/edited before/after

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