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Syracuse University websites, such as Myslice, may require the enabling of pop-ups in order to view desired content. Below you will find instructions on enabling pop-ups within the most commonly used browsers

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Google Chrome

When you select a link that requires a pop-up and they are currently blocked, you are provided the message " Pop-up blocked" which appears on the address bar. This indicates that the pop-up was initiated by the webpage and Chrome's pop-up block feature prevented it from opening.


Whenever a up window tries to launch itself Mozilla prevents it from opening and displays a message on a yellow ribbon which reads " Firefox prevented this site from opening a pop-up window"


Firefox popup prevention window

In order to view the pop-up, select "Options" on the yellow ribbon. Now select "Always allow pop-ups for".


titleSafari Menu Not Visible

If "Safari" is not an option to the right of your Apple symbol in the top left hand corner, be sure that you click on the Safari window. If you have recently clicked on another application or your desktop, "Finder" or another application title may be here instead.

select preferencesImage RemovedImage Added

2) Under the websites tab, look for the "Pop-up Windows" setting on the left side under the "General" box. Click on this, and then you will see a list of currently open websites. Set the specified page currently open to "Allow" using the drop-down menu on the far right side.


Safari should now allow pop-ups to function normally on the allowed website(s).


Internet Explorer

Enabling Pop-Ups in the Moment


More information can be found here: