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What is Answers?


Answers is, primarily, a knowledge base of technical self-help information. Content focuses on SU systems and technical services and includes solutions to common problems, how-to’s, FAQs, tips, and configuration advice. 


There are many ways in which a user can navigate the content within Answers. Items such as Breadcrumbs, Page Trees, Navigation Bars, and Search Boxes all exist to make getting around Answers easier. 

In the search box you may enter any combination of words to receive a list of hits. Every page in Answers contains a search box in the upper right-hand corner to search pages and attachments.

Site Search Field

For more searching tips: Searching Answers


As you navigate deeper into Answers, you may find yourself wondering where you are. One of the easiest ways to find out is to look at the Breadcrumbs. The Breadcrumbs are found at the top of every Page, right below the Top Navigation Bar. Breadcrumbs let you go up levels in the page hierarchy to move around Answers. 


Each item in the Breadcrumbs represents a Page in the hierarchy above the current Page within the Space. Click on any of the links in the list to move to that location.

Child Pages

The Child Pages presents you with a list of the Child Pages of the current Page, as well as the Parent Page. This option will be available only when the sidebar is collapsed, and can be accessed by clicking on the Child Pages icon denoted below in the image. This will only display the Child Pages of the current page, and you cannot navigate all of the Pages within the Space through here!

Child Pages Menu

Page Tree

The Page Tree gives you access to the entire structure of the Pages within the Space. It can be used for quick navigation by expanding through all of a Page's Child Pages, thus eliminating the need to click Page by Page to navigate to where you need to go. To access the Page Tree, expand the sidebar by clicking the ">>" icon on the bottom left, and it will be displayed within.

Side bar page tree with child pages expanded

Spaces Versus Pages


Within Answers, the content is divided into Spaces and then into Pages to allow for easier discovery of information. Below lists the differences between Spaces and Pages. 


A Space is a primary section that contains a collection of related Pages. Each Space is individually owned and managed by it's Space Owner(s).


To access the Space directory, select the Spaces dropdown from the top navigation bar, then select Space directory

Spaces Expanded showing Space Directory Option


A Page is what contains the content within a Space. A Page can include text, images, attached files, tables, and much more to represent the information that it is trying to convey. A Page can also have sub-Pages to the n-th degree, thus allowing for a high level of organization and separation so that information is easier to locate. 

Content Editing Policy and Information


Only users who have specifically been assigned edit or create permissions  can modify and/or add content within Answers. For additional help on creating, editing, or managing content, go to the Content page.


Please visit the Answers editing policy before creating content on Answers:  Answers' Editing Policy

Contact Us


If you cannot find the answers you need, request help by contacting the ITS Help Desk at or by calling (315) 443-2677 (see Support Services for hours of support).  You can also fill out the web form at:  Request Help