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titleTable of Contents

Table of Contents

Simple Searching Searching


Type your search into the search box at the top right of the screen: 


Ex:  "title:  Wireless" will find pages that have the word, "wireless" in the page title.

Wildcard Searches

Single Character

To search for  a word with any character at a single position within the word, use a question mark: ?    

?    Ex:  si?e  will find pages with "site," "size," "side," or any other character at the 3rd position.

Multi Character

To search for word that begin with the same string, use an asterisk: *   

*   Ex:  "print*"  will find pages with containing the words, "printer," "printing," and any other word that begins with "print."


You can't use the wildcards at the beginning of a word! However, but you can use them in the middle or at the end of a word: 
*systems is - invalid.
system* is - valid.
iP*d is - valid.

 Combined Searches

You can combine different search operators together: