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BLACKBOARD From:; To: ic; Subject: blackboard help;
Hi, my name is Tom Flynn and for some reason blackboard will not let me login. It says invalid password every time even though i know it is right. What can i do get on, because i need to for a class.
To help us diagnose your problem can you please tell us the web address of the blackboard system you are using? The class number designation. Can you log into other Syracuse computing systems such as MySlice and orangemail with any problems? Also if you could tell us the error message you are receiving that would be most appreciated. Anchor_Hlt119116539_Hlt119116539 Anchor_Hlt119116540_Hlt119116540 Anchor_Hlt119116544_Hlt119116544 You can just reply to this email with this information so we can start diagnosing the problem you are experiencing.

  1. Confirm netid/password
  2. Confirm blackboard with my netid/password
  3. Check day1
  4. Check request history
  1. How many times did the client try to login unsuccessfully?
  2. Has the client ever logged in successfully?
  3. When was the last time the client logged in successfully?
  1. Call dave castle x3277 or beth Mahoney x1685 to check if student is listed in blackboard.
  1. If netid/password is correct and student's bb account is active, the client could have locked the bb account. This will not show up in Day1. The client should wait 1 hour from the last unsuccessful login and then try again.