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As you start to enter words into the box, Answers will match pages and attachments that have those words in the title and show you an abbreviated list of the pages found.  The list displayed is not all pages that are relevant to your search.  The pop-up list displays the first 6 pages, the first two attachments, and the first three matching names.  At the bottom of the list is an option to search Answers and generate a complete list (you can also press Enter when you are done typing terms to perform a full site search and get a list of all the pages that include your search terms).

The screenshot below shows the first three results from a full search for "MySlice errors" (retrieved by pressing Enter after entering the keywords in the search box) :


titleSearching for Attachments

When searching for attachments by name, the file extension is considered part of the last word in the name.  So, entering answerstest will not bring up answerstest.docx because answerstest is not the full string enter.   To retrieve this you must use or the the wildcard character (so a partial string matches):  answerstest*

More Advanced Searching

Exact Phrase: