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  1. Click on the Apple icon and then select System Preferences.

    Apple Menu and System Preferences

  2. Click on Printers & Scanners.

    System Preferences Panel


    If you did an upgrade from a previous version of OS X and you had College of Law printers installed, they need to be deleted. These printers should show up in the new window, to delete a printer, select it, then click on the "-" under the list of printers.

    After all the old printers have been deleted, continue with the install instructions.

  3. Click on the "+" under the list of printers.

    Printer List

  4. An Add window should now show up. Look for an Advanced button on the Add window toolbar (next to Default, IP and Windows).
    1. If there is no Advanced button, you will need to customize your toolbar. Control+click on the toolbar area and select Customize Toolbar...

      Add Popup and Customize Toolbar Option

    2. Drag the Advanced item over onto the toolbar and click Done.

      Toolbar Customization Menu

  5. Now click on the Advanced button.

  6. In the Add window, in the Type field, select LPD/LPR Host or Printerselect Windows....

  7. Leave the Device field set to Another Device.

  8. In the URL field enter the following



    Please note that you need to replace NameOfPrinter with one of the printers listed below


  9. Enter a Name and Location (use the printer name as listed above).

  10. In the Use field, choose Select Software, and add a driver as described below

    1. For the Law-Library140 and Law-Library240 printers, type Canon IR in the search box and then locate the Canon IR-ADV 4245 driver and click OK

      Printer Software Selection Popup

  11. ClickAdd.

    Completed Add Popup

  12. The printer should now be added.

  13. Repeat steps 3 - 12 to add the other  printer (you do not need to repeat steps 4 & 5), ensuring that you select the correct driver.


    Try to print a test page or any document and enter your SU NetID credentials when prompted.


    The first time you try to print, you should be prompted to enter your credentials. Delete whatever is listed in the name box and then enter your SU NetID and password. You should save the credentials to your Keychain and you can do so by checking the Remember this password box in the authentication window.

    Enter Name and Password Popup

  15. If you are NOT PROMPTED to enter your credentials, and when you try to print, your print job pauses with the message On Hold (Authentication Required),  follow the instructions at this link to fix this issue..