Duo Two-Factor Authentication
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titleMarch 2020 update: Working From Home

If your office landline is the only device that is set up for Duo 2F, and your office line is not forwarded to your personal phone number while you are working from home, you will need to request a bypass code from the ITS Help Desk at 315.443.2677.

You are strongly encouraged to use the bypass code to add a 2nd device, preferably the Duo Mobile App on your cell phone.  You can also set up your home phone (landline)any personal device, e.g. home landline, cell phone, tablet, etc.  The bypass code can be used with the Add a New Device menu option on the login page for Financials/Supply Chain.  See Using Use a Bypass code to add another two-factor device for more information.

Getting started

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What is Duo Two-Factor Authentication?