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Note that smart querying with "due:" does not work correctly as a result of a bug.    To search by due date, use the "issue navigator" found under "search for issues."  The "overdue" smart term does work with smart querying.


Basic Search

The basic search is more precise than the quick search, but easier to use than the advanced search. It provides a user-friendly interface that lets you define complex queries, without needing to know how to use JQL (advanced searching).


If  you select one of the fields under "More," it will default to a value of "All" and appear on a second line in the menu bar.  Use the drop-down screen for that field to define one or more specific search values for that field.

check off the values you want to use for the reporter in the search


You can also enter text in the box marked "Contains Text" to search the summary, description, and comments for that word.


Here are a few common search strings that are used across the system:

All issues in the HELP project

project = HELP

All Open and High priority issues in the JIRA project

project = JIRA AND status = Open AND priority = High

All Unassigned issues in the JIRA or HELP project that are not Closed or Resolved, sorted by Created Date

project in (JIRA, HELP) AND assignee is EMPTY AND status not in (Closed, Resolved) ORDER BY createdDate DESC

All your own Closed or Resolved issues within the last 12 weeks, sorted by Updated Date

(assignee = currentuser() OR creator = currentuser()) AND resolutiondate >= -12w ORDER BY updatedDate DESC

All issues where an user added a comment (using the issueFunction)

issueFunction in commented("by bdchabot")

To learn more on advanced searching, please see Advanced Searching


To change the default view for issue navigator, select the "change view" button (which displays as three stacked lines at the far right of the search criteria menu).  You can then change the default view from this menu. 


Saving Filters

You may want to re-use a search that you have set up in either basic search or advanced search mode. 


To unhide the Filters column, select the two right brackets that display at the top of the column.

Unhide Filters using two right brackets iccon