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Printing policy for: The College of Engineering and Computer Science

Printer usage in the ENG-CS environment is measured on a cost per page basis so that we can have a better understanding of our printing costs and therefore plan accordingly.


Once your print quota had reached the 90 % level, a message will be displayed informing you of your print quota status and explaining that you can purchase additional print pages by selecting the “Add Money to Quota” option. You can use a Credit Card for this purchase.

REMEMBER, Print Quotas are reset EVERY year!  Unused print quotas will not accrue and cannot be applied to the next year.

We understand that there are special circumstances where additional print pages are required for TA’s and students working for an individual professor or department.  If this scenario applies, please ask the supervising professor or staff member to indicate where you can print their material  and not have your quota be charged for it.

Color printing is available to any student taking courses in the College of Engineering and Computer Sciences.  The cost per page is $0.15 single side, $0.07 for the duplexed back side. This amount will automatically be deducted from your SU print Quota as you print.

Location of printers for student/faculty use within ENG-CS:

Public Lab Printers (B&W):

Link 011                     HP LaserJet 600 M602

Link 201                     HP LaserJet 4515

Link 202                     HP LaserJet 4515

Link 274                     HP LaserJet 4515

CST 1-231                  HP LaserJet 4014

CST 3-116                  HP LaserJet 600 M602

Color Printer:

Link 201 Color           Ricoh Aficio SP C431DN


Need a Color Color Printout?

• This service is available to any student taking courses in the College of Engineering and Computer Sciences.


You will find this printer in 201 Link Hall.


Students that need to print a poster:

 From time to time students will need to print a poster for a variety of reasons:


  • To have their work displayed on the walls throughout or college facilities at the request of the faculty.

For students to have their poster printed in the college, a few steps need to be taken for the process to flow properly:


2. The faculty member should email the ECS Help Desk authorizing authorizing the intent to print.

a. Identifying the student who will bring us a file for poster printing.