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Dashboards in Orange Tracker

Dashboards can be configured to display many different types of information, depending on your areas of interest.  For example, you could display the list of issues currently assigned to you in one or more projects, view recent activity in selected projects, display a pie chart of open issues broken down by component, list the  unassigned issues in a project, etc.  You can set up as many dashboard pages as needed.


Select the "Dashboards" link from the top menu in Orange Tracker to see the list of dashboards you can currently view.   Select any of the dashboard pages listed to view that dashboard.

Setting Your Home Page to Dashboard

You can set the dashboard section to be your home page (the screen you see when you first log into Orange Tracker):


If "dashboard" is set as your home page, then last dashboard you viewed in that browse under the "Dashboards" sections will display the next time you log into Orange Tracker. 

Creating a Dashboard

The "System Dashboard" that you see under "Dashboards" when you first start using JIRA is a "default" dashboard that has been configured by your JIRA administrator. You cannot edit the "System Dashboard"; but you can easily create your own dashboard, which you can then customize as you wish. 


 You can select the "My" link under the "manage dashboards" screen to view dashboards you have created.

Choosing a Dashboard Layout

  • To choose a different layout for your dashboard page (e.g. three columns instead of two) :
  1. At the top right of the Dashboard, click the Edit Layout link. A selection of layouts will be displayed:
  2. Click your preferred layout.


Moving Gadgets

For information on adding gadgets to dashboards, see Gadgets in Orange Tracker.  Gadgets are arranged in columns on dashboards.  You can drag a gadget to move it to another column or to move it up or down in the same column.