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Managed Windows laptops with DirectAccess are configured to keep a synchronized copy of your Home Directory copied to its hard drive. DirectAccess allows your laptop to access your Home Directory in SU's cloud when it is connected to the Internet. The synchronization is not instantaneous. It could take as long as 2 hours for the sync to happen on its own. It's better practice to force a sync rather than closing the laptop's lid and hoping it sync'd.

Find the Sync Center in the task bar in the lower right of your screen


Select Offline Files and press Sync

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Let the sync run.

  • If this is your first sync on this machine it has to copy all your Home Directory files from SU's file servers to this machine. This can be as much as 100 GB  and can take more than an hour.
  • All future sync's copy only the files you've changed. This is much quicker.
  • Wired network connections are can be ~20x faster than WiFi network connections.

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When it's done the Last sync on date should be in the recent past. If there are conflicts go ahead and try to resolve them. Usually the newer file is the one you want to keep. If you're in doubt save them both.