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Comment: Confirmed information to be still current based on manufacturer specs


On older Samsung smart TVs, the ACR controls are found under the TV's Smart Hub menu. Look for the icon for Settings, click on Support, and find the submenu titled Terms & Policy. Choose SyncPlus and Marketing, where there's an option to disable the feature. Turning off Voice Recognition Services will disable voice control, a feature that sends your voice commands to a third-party vendor for processing.



On LG's newer webOS TVs, click on the icon for Settings from the main menu, then scroll down until you see General. Look for the About This TV submenu, and click on User Agreements. There are three options to consider:

  • Viewing Information
  • Personal Advertising
  • Voice Information.

You can choose to opt out of all of these features. Turning off the voice option will inhibit your use of voice-controlled features, but the other two options won't affect performance.

For older LG TVs, go to Settings, find Options, and then open LivePlus, LG's version of ACR. Once there, you can toggle the feature on and off.

LG TVs as of 2017 will have a LivePlus option in the menu that can be toggled on and off.

Other TV's

Other manufacturers may use similar descriptions and words to allow you to find and disable anything that concerns privacy. Check the owner’s manual and/or website for details.