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 9. Click on the link to download XpressConnectCloudpath.

 10. A dialog should pop up, click on Allow.

 11. The XpressConnectCloudpath window should come up, enter your NetID and password and click Continue.

 12. A dialog will pop up, enter your computer’s username and password (NOT your NetID and password). Click OK.

 13. Back on the XpressConnectCloudpath window, select Install.

 14. You’re about to install SafeConnect, click Click Continue and follow the directions in the installer.

 NOTE: Several prompts may show up asking for your computer's password.

 15. Back on the XpressConnect Cloudpath window, click Continue.

 16. XpressConnect Cloudpath should now authenticate, and then validate.


7. A popup should come up asking to install XpressConnectCloudpath, select Install.

NOTE: click the manual download link if the popup does not come up automatically.


10. Another User Account Control window might come up, select Yes.

11. When the XpressConnectCloudpath window comes up, type in your netid and password and select Continue.


Troubleshoot - If nothing comes up, select the manual download page link to manually download XpressConnect Cloudpath (NetworkWizardLoader.exe)


8. Another User Account Control window will come up, select Yes.

9. The XpressConnectCloudpath application will load, enter your NetID and password and select Continue.