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Blackboard Collaborate Ultra has specific settings that can be accessed prior to opening a room or when you create a session.



Edit Settings and Enabling Guest Access

On the right-hand side of the screen for Course Room, you can click Join Room.  Directly right of Join Room, there is a button with three dotsOptions Menu Icon Click on this button and you will see several options.  Choose Edit settings to change the Course Room set-up. 

Note: If you select Create Session, you will get the same settings panel.
Collaborate Edit Menu


  • Once you select Save, a link will be created for you to share with your Guest. 

Guest Access

Edit Session Settings 

To access more settings, select the Gear Icon in the teab tab at the top of the menu.

Collaborate Settings

For the students that are enrolled in the Blackboard course, their default role is Participant, if you have a session where everyone will be presenting or they need more access to the session resources, you can change their Default Attendee Role before they enter the session. 
Attendee Role

The Recording options allow you to record a live session and later download it as a video file on your computer.  If you do not select this function and record a session, you can not go back and download the session later. For this to work, Allow recording downloads needs to be selected prior to opening your session and recording. To hide the participants names in the recordings, select Anonymize chat messages and the names in the chat room will not appear when viewed later. This is a great feature for a guest speaker lecture that is recorded and used for another class in later semesters or for students that do not want to be identified. 
Recording OptionsImage Modified

Participants have different functions that can be allowed or restricted as they enter the session. For example: Share audio, Share video, Post chat messages, Draw on whiteboard and files 
Participant Restriction Options Menu