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P2P programs are automatically configured to share files from your computer across the Internet. These programs often work in the background of a computer's operating system and are difficult to disable. Students, faculty, and staff who use these programs may unwittingly be sharing both legally obtained music and other files across the Internet.

Syracuse University's Information Technology and Services (ITS) does not support these programs and strongly recommends that students, faculty, and staff not install and/or remove these programs from their computers. At the very least, the SHARE default should be changed to NOT SHARE.

In addition to making computer owners vulnerable to copyright violation complaints from the music and entertainment industries, P2P programs pose a significant security risk for the computer and the SU network by providing openings for viruses, worms, Trojans and other malware to infiltrate personal computers and be spread across the SU network.

To remove P2P programs

  1. For Windows computers: Click Start->Settings ->Control Panel-> Add/Remove Programs
  2. For Macintosh computers: Drag the application to TRASH and empty trash.

Students can bring their computers to one of the ITS Student Computing Support Centers where an ITS consultant will assist in removing illegal files and file-sharing programs at no charge to the student.

Special Note for Windows Vista Operating Systems: The Windows Vista firewall is bi-directional. All outbound traffic to the Internet is allowed unless an exception is set, and all inbound traffic from the Internet is restricted unless an exception is made. When you download P2P filesharing software to your computer, Windows Vista automatically allows both inbound and outbound filesharing. When you remove a P2P filesharing software from your computer, you need to uncheck the "rules" in the firewall that allows inbound and outbound filesharing in addition to removing the program through ADD/REMOVE programs. Failure to uncheck the "rules" in the firewall will result in your files continuing to be uploaded to the Internet even though you no longer have P2P filesharing software installed on your computer.

Read more on Illegal File sharing, how to prevent and avoid it.