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       *Title in 245 should be somewhere on DVD/VHS/BLU-RAY
       *Publisher in 264 should be somewhere on DVD/VHS/BLU-RAY
       *Physical description in 300 a should match the item in hand.
*33X should match the item in hand **If your 300 field says videocassette and you have a DVD or BLU-RAY , go to OCLC get correct record and overlay
**If your 300 field says 1 disc and you have in hand 1 videocassette, give to supervisor. *Date in 264 should be somewhere on DVD/VHS/BLU-RAY unless in brackets. If in brackets, just accept the date. *If there are performance rights that are not for SU, delete the 540.


 *If SU does have performance rights, add 590 to the bib  record.
* 590 _ _ ‡a Public performance rights included, restrictions apply.


 |b med,vid ‡h Video ‡i DVD ‡i 14290
 |b med,vid ‡h Videocassette ‡i 1429114290 
 |b med,vid ‡h Video ‡i BLU-RAY ‡i 1429214290
  Holdings with Accompanying material 
  852  1 |b‡b med,vid ‡h Video ‡i DVD ‡i 11111
866 0 ‡8 0 8 ‡a disc 866 0 ‡8 0 8 ‡a Guide
  *If we have performance rights you add a 590 to the OCLC record and an 845 to the holdings record.   


   845 _ _ ‡a Public performance rights included, restrictions apply.

DVDs to be cataloged for the Wellness collection are different They are assigned LC call numbers with a subfield |m [DVD] at the end. An Example is

  ‡b |b med,well |h‡h B53.R2 |i‡i H52 2007 |m‡m [DVD]

In either case add volume info in a 866 if needed for Multi disc sets.


In most cases multiple DVDs housed in one box will be represented on one item record as multiple pieces. If you have a Television series [NYPD Blue season 2, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, CSI] put each disc in a separate box and give each box an item record. The Enum should contain the disc number.


           *Item type is Video disc. 
           *Item type for VHS is video tape. 
            *The barcodes for all DVDs/BLU-RAYs will be put on the  upper left hand corner of the case. All DVDs/BLU-RAYs need to be in "standard" DVD case. If the size is something other than standard size, put DVD in a "standard" DVD case (housed in Room 550).
            * Barcode goes on VHS lower left hand corner (as you would hold it to put it into player)  
            *Accompanying guide gets its' own barcode with the Item type Monograph.