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9A. Subfield k is needed for oversize items except for locations of Atlas oversize and Atlas oversize flat.

9B.  TR in Carnegie  

Oversize:               31cm  height ; over 21cm width 

Oversize flat:       39cm  height ;  over   40cm width 

10. When giving a permanent location it is bird followed by the first letter of the class number except for h with these exceptions .

         d   which is divided between d  (D  mono) and da (DA-DX)  

         h    which is divided between h and hm.-hd (H-HD2200) and  hd- (HD2321 and over) ;  

          n   which is divided between n (N and NA mono) and nb (NB and over) 

11. DVDs, CD-ROMs, CDs, etc. are identified in an 866 by the term used in the 300 +e. If there are multiple items (2 CD-ROMS, 2 CDs, etc.) they become discs in the 866 i.e. disc 1-disc 2.