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  • Reference collections can shelve any call number – Reference items  ALWAYS have an item type of non-circulating.

(ref; carn,ref; maps,ref, govt,ref, etc.)


REFER Always goes to Reference (2nd floor, Bird)


       * ARR                    location is arr
       * GIS lab                location is maps,gis  Item type Reserve 2 hour loan 
       * Atlas Coll             location is maps,atlas   
       * Room 358               location is maps,rm358
       * Maps – locked room     location is maps,rm358          
       * Saf or Safire          location is saf (Safire Room, 6th floor)
       * Belfer                 location is belf (Belfer Audio Archive)
       * “send to ____”         follow instructions, e.g. “send to Maps Ref”location is maps,ref
       * class D                bird,d 
       * class DA-DX            bird,da 
       * class number H-HJHD2200  bird,h-hd
       *class number HD2321-    bird,hhd-  
       *class number HMN-HXNA       bird,hm  

                  *class number NB-                                 bird,nb




Order location:

The order location may be used to determine permanent location if the call number, fund code, and special instructions do not suffice. Location format for Bird: