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Table of Contents

When to use Lists

Lists are used to format sequential or subordinate content or steps. Lists are either a numbered or bullet list. Numbered lists should always be utilized for sequential steps; while bullet lists should be utilized to group like content. An example of a page using multiple types of lists.

How to Insert Lists

Both numbered and bullet lists can be inserted by entering editing mode

  • Selecting the 'Numbered List' or 'Bullet List' button found on the editing toolbar.
    Depicts the Bullet List Button on the editing toolbar.Image AddedDepcits the Numbered List Button on the editing toolbar.Image Added
    • To create sub lists, use the indent button.

      Depicts the Indent Right Button.Image Added

Design Guidelines

  • Leverage numbered lists to indicate sequential steps for a process.
  • Utilize bullet lists to highlight related, but unordered, content.
  • Use the Indent button to create sub lists.

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