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For support of the information above, contact the ITS Help Desk by calling at 315.443.2677, by emailing, or by stopping into 1-227 CST.

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If your SUMail Account was locked for security purposes, please call us at 315.443.2677 in order to unlock your account and change your password. Once you have access to your account, follow the steps below to make sure that it is secure. 


Troubleshooting steps and documentation for other issues related to SUMail can be found on the Email homepage.

titleSending to Users With Current Account Locks

When sending this document link to someone whose account has been locked by Security, do so by either sending the link in a text message or to a third party email address.

Table of Contents

Step By-Step Guide

Follow the steps below:

  1. Log on to SUMail by visiting and entering in your email address and new password
    1. Please note: After changing your password it can take up to one hour for our email system to recognize that new password. If you are unable to log in right away please check back in one hour.
    2. Please note: If you have not yet set up Microsoft Two-Factor Authentication (more information here:, you will be prompted to do so before being able to login.


  2.  Select the gear icon in the upper right corner and choose "Mail" from the menu. 
    Mail SettingsImage Added

  3. Select "Rules" and ensure that unless you created a specific rule,  "You haven't created any rules yet" is listed.
    Mail Rules SettingImage Added

  4. If you see a rule that you did not create, such as the rule shown below,  click the "trash" icon to delete it.
    Mail Rule exampleImage Added

  5. Select "Sweep" and ensure that you delete any Sweep rules that you have not personally set up. To delete a rule, select it and click on the "trash" icon.
    Mail Sweep rulesImage Added

  6.  Select "Junk email" and ensure that there are no blocked senders that you have not personally set up, especially addresses. To delete a blocked sender, select it and click on the "trash" icon.  Then click "Save" above.

    titleExchange Users

    Exchange users can manage their blocked senders by simply selecting 'Block or allow' in the Accounts section of the options menu.

    Junk Email settingsImage Added

  7. Select "Message handling" and verify that under Message Options, when signing out the "Empty my deleted items folder" does NOT have a checkmark next to it. If it does, remove the checkmark and click "Save" above.
    Message Handling settingsImage Added

  8.  Go back to your inbox and make sure that you delete any emails in  "Sent" and "Draft" folders that you did not create.

  9. Make sure to check your "Deleted Items" folder and verify that no emails were put there maliciously.

Check your MFA options

To ensure that no additional authentication methods were added to your account follow these steps to verify while still in the email interface:

  1. Go to the icon in the top right of the window with your initials and choose "view account"
    Image Added

  2. Use the "Update Info" option under the security info tile 
    Image Added

  3. Verify there are no new and unrecognized authentication methods listed for the account. If additional methods are listed you can remove the authentication methods using the "Delete" option to the left of the list items. 
    Image Added

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Getting Help

For support of the information above, contact the ITS Help Desk by calling at 315.443.2677, by emailing, or by stopping into 1-227 CST.

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