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This is a workaround; under normal circumstances the discard changes dialog does not appear when leaving a page edit.

Here are the steps to discard all unpublished changes:

  1. Edit the page and get to a resume draft mode

    1. Edit the page with the Unpublished Changes lozenge

    2. Refresh the page

      1. Before the refresh the URL should look something like this similar to: /pages/editpage.action?pageId=XXXXXX

      2. After Refresh Refreshing, it should now look like appear similar to: /pages/resumedraft.action?draftId=XXXXXX&draftShareId=XXXXXX

  2. Trigger Close the Editor Dialog

    1. Type a character on the page

    2. Click Close

      1. A dialog should appear "The Close the Editor" dialogue should now appear


    3. Click Discard All Changes or Show changes to Select Discard all changes to discard all changes made since last publish, Show changes to see the changes, or Keep draft.