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titleCollage Access

Collage End-of-Life

The Collage system is now End-of-Life (EOL) and is being retired.  As of September 15, 2022, access has been restricted. Requests for images will be processed through Syracuse University Division of Marketing.

The Division of Marketing will continue to support targeted searches for campus partners for a short time. To request assistance in searching for images, please see the Answers' documentation for Collage Help

If you need to use digital asset management, please review the Answers' documentation entitled Syracuse University Digital Asset Management

About Collage

Collage is a digital asset management tool intended to share images and graphics with the SU community and beyond.  It is the Syracuse University modified version of ResourceSpace, an open source digital asset management software located at where additional information can be found.  It is important to stress that the aim of Collage is to facilitate the sharing of assets, not to store private collections. 

Collage is currently a two tier web application.  The web application front end is hosted on an Ubuntu Linux virtual machine with a separately hosted media server. ResourceSpace is a PHP application running under Apache.  The MySQL database server host is co-located on an Ubuntu Linux virtual machine that also hosts the media server filestore.  


  • has the features we were looking for 
  • is open source (customizable, flexible)
  • has a strong user group/community
  • is user friendly


What is Collage for?

Collage is a place to share images and graphics with the SU community and beyond.

Our Current Stats


  • Space used: 8.417601308 TB
  • Total Images: 677,026 (661,957)
  • Public Images: 523,620 (510,998)
  • Largest Single Image: 860 MB
  • General Users: 2416
  • Specialized Users: 865
  • Groups: 81

If you log in to Collage, what can you do?

When you log in to Collage, a General User account is created for you. This lets you search for images, download unrestricted content, save images to Collections for quick access, and share images that you find.

So how do images get to Collage?

Different people have different rights to Collage. Basically, there are those who can download, those who can upload or download, and those who get to decide who gets to be an uploader (users, contributors, and admins).

What resources are out there for Collage?

Our Answers space has 'how to' information that will continue to grow - go to and search Collage in order to find more information on how to use Collage.
For information about ResourceSpace, please visit or their wiki,
For any remaining questions, please send an email to