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Posters are uploaded using the signage content management system.  While the process appears to be long, it can be performed quite quickly with practice.

  • Visit and log in with NetID and password.
  • In the content library section, expand the Law folder and the 00 - Law Signage folders.
  • Right-click the 00 - Posters folder and select Add New Content.
  • In the popup that appears, select Image or PDF as necessary.
  • Select and upload file
    • Next to the Location field is a button with an upward-pointing arrow.  Click this to set up the document upload. 
    • Browse to select the file.
    • In the Directory field, enter "\\\all\MultimediaLibrary\Digital Signage\00 - Posters" without quotations (to save time, it may be helpful to copy and paste this info from a text file).  Enter your NetID and password, and select Upload.
  • Set start and end times
    • Click the ellipsis button next to Suggested Recurrence.
      • This panel allows complex appearance behaviors to be set.  Generally, we need only to set the end date.
    • Set start date if desired (start date defaults to today's date).
    • Click the radio button next to End by, then select the day after the event date or the final date during which you want to the poster to appear.
      • The item will now stop displaying at midnight on the selected day.
    • Click OK
  • In the Duration field, highlight the default 30 seconds and set it to 15 seconds.
  • Click OK
  • Repeat the steps above for each new item you wish to enter
    • the Directory field during the upload step will remain filled for this session
  • Deploy changes
    • Click the rocket icon at the top of the window
    • Under the Select Target dropdown, navigate to Law > Dineen Hall > Non-Library location
    • Click Deploy
    • IMPORTANT:  If you do not deploy your changes, they will not take effect.  The changes will also not take effect, and will not be saved, if you log out or allow the page to time out without first deploying.

Adding poster content to accessible website

  • To comply with ADA rules, it is mandatory to add all poster content to the accessible digital signage website, which is compatible with screen readers and other tools for those with accessibility needs.
  • Visit and log in with NetID and password.
  • In the left menu, hover over Posts and select "Add New"
  • Add a relevant title for the post.
  • Exactly transcribe (or, if the poster is a PDF, copy and paste) the text of the poster.
  • In the "Post Expirator" menu on the righthand side, add the date after the evnet date or the final date during which you want the poster to appear.
  • Click "Publish"