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Figure 1_Doc Cam

Registrar classrooms may include a Document Camera. The Document Camera will allow users to display their material through the rooms projection system. The Document Camera, is usually located on the teaching station in front of the room. The user can control the Document Camera manually or through the Touch Panel, (if one is installed in the room). Models of Document Cameras may vary in rooms, but are all have the same functionality.

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Turning on the Document Camera

When entering the room, the Document Camera may be found in an off position (See: Figure 2_Doc Cam_Off Position)

Figure 2_Doc Cam_Off Position

To turn the Document Camera on, follow these steps:

  •  Rotate the arm counter clockwise (See: Figure 2.1_Doc Cam_Arm) 

Figure 2.1_Doc Cam_Arm

  • Lift the arm of the Doc Cam and Adjust the head/camera (See: Figure 2.2_Doc Cam_Upright)

Figure 2.2_Doc Cam_UprightImage Removed Figure 2.2_Doc Cam_UprightImage Added

  • To manually turn on the Document Camera, press the power button on the upper right corner of the Document Camera (See: Figure 2.3_Doc Cam_Power Button)  

Figure 2.3_Doc Cam_Power Button



 Operating the Document Camera

The Document Camera can be operated manually or through the Touch Panel. Users can adjust, the light, zoom, focus, freeze frame, and power status of the Document Camera.  

Manual Control of the Document Camera

  • Turn on the technology system in the room
  • Select Document Camera as a source on the control system (Touch Panel or Push Button)  
  • Power and Light Control can be turned on or off by pressing the buttons (labeled accordingly) on the upper left corner of the Document Camera (See: Figure 2.53_Doc Cam_Power Button) 
  Figure 2.5_Doc Cam_Power ButtonImage Removed
  • On the head base of the Document Camera, there is a center ring to control the zoom of the image, and are push buttons to manually focus, rotate, zoom, and freeze the image being projected (See: Figure 2.3_Doc Cam_Power Button)  

Figure 2.3_Doc Cam_Power ButtonImage Added

  • On the head of the Doc Cam, you can adjust the light intensity. (See: Figure 2.64_Doc Cam_Button ControlsLight Control)  

Figure 2.6_Doc Cam_Button ControlsImage Removed Figure 2.4_Doc Cam_Light ControlImage Added

Remote Control of the Document Camera 

  • Turn on the technology system in the room
  • Select Document Camera on the Touch Panel
  • Confirm that the IR Bud Sensor is secured to the Doc Cam so commands can be given by the touch panel (See: Figure 3_IR Sensor) 

Figure 3_IR SensorImage Added

  • All functions (Power, zoom, Focus, Light, etc.) can be controlled on the Touch Panel
    • Press the virtual buttons (labeled accordingly) to control the desired effect of the Document Camera (See: Figure 3.1_Touch Panel_Doc Cam Controls)

Figure 3.1_Touch Panel_Doc Cam ControlsImage Modified 


If the Document Camera does not function as described please call 315-443-2677 for assistance.