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  • fostering iSchool pedagogy and communities of practice through sessions, resources, and list-serv discussions.

  • providing one-on-one meetings to all iSchool instructors, in support of classroom management, instructional quality assessment, academic integrity, course evaluation and assessment.

  • providing timely and relevant information to faculty to support teaching, academic integrity, and the student experience.
  • developing the needed resources, services and support to manage content revisions of existing iSchool courses, modify a course’s mode of delivery, and develop new course offerings in alignment with curriculum development.

  • analyzing learning experience and instructional quality data to support the continued growth of each instructor's individual teaching practice, and the continued improvement of the student learning experience. 

  • offering the appropriate tools and curricular contexts to provide a consistent and inclusive learning environment for all iSchool students, embracing the diversity of their identities, needs, and experiences.

  • partnering with campus-wide instructional quality units to leverage service offerings: Center for Teaching Excellent (CTLE), Institutional Effectiveness and Assessment (IEA), Online Learning Services (OLS), Center for Online and Digital Services (CODL), Center for Learning and Student Success (CLASS), First-year Experience, Information Technology Services and others as needed.